7 de septiembre de 2011

Mac OS X Lion, Python, Django and how I'm happier now with my computer

I recently upgraded my MacBook Pro from Snow Leopard to Lion.

The idea of the upgrade unsettled me quite a bit since I use my computer to work and having it off due to OS or setup issues was not an option. Basically I was worried about having problems to install Python packages(I work mostly as a Django/Python developer, and I use a bunch of stuff from PyPi and quite a few Django pluggables) and I've already had some nasty problems installing, for instance, the MySQL connector in the past in Snow Leopard.

After some hesitation, I finally got myself to the task of upgrading.

After I upgraded, I did all the setup of the Python stuff: all the virtualenvs, Python/Django packages, the requirements for NINJA-IDE, everything WORKED PERFECT. I did not have a single issue. Nor even a single one. I'm happy this of not having to write a long, strange and tricky post saying something like "yes, it is a huge pain in the... patience", because it is just not. Everything work perfect.

I believe that the root cause of the difference relies in Mac OS Lion to came bundled with 64-bit versions of Python pre-installed:

It has, pre-installed:

  • 32-bit Python 2.5
  • 64-bit Python 2.6 (I use this one for work)
  • 64-bit Python 2.7 (I use this for NINJA-IDE, both for running it and to develop the code I write for it)

That's good new that Apple got its OS with more Python magic :)

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