4 de agosto de 2015

Pimp my GIT: Improving GIT command line (cli) interface and usage


Following up yesterday's post, here goes another set of tricks I have done to my GIT setup.

To begin with, add this code to yhe .git/config file of your git repo clone:

Once you do that, you'll see things like colors when running a "git status":

You'lll also be able to use git command shortcuts, like:

- "git st" instead of "git status"
- "git ci" instead of "git commit"

Logs will look much more sexy and colorful.

You'll see diffs with colors and with a much more user-friendly format:

When running "git branch", you'll see the current branch highlighted and the local branches clearly marked in yellow:

And remote branches in green:

That's all for today, folks!


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